I am a Romanian artist, who creates tapestries, graphics and textile artworks. My friends call me simply - Mire, this is also my signature. My works are the result of the innovations and constant searching which have led me to a personal method of work, different from the traditional ones.

Whether it's about tapestries, graphics or textile artworks, the color is what defines my works. Since I was a child I have been attracted by the strong colors. I have transposed them first in tapestries, in a vivid and palpable amalgam of wool, string and silk colored balls. They fascinated me, they were concrete in my hands, I was able to twist them, to tear them apart, to wrap or to plait them. Later, the need to resume and concentrate what I was doing in tapestry led me to graphics. The simplicity of only two or three colors transposed in a drawing gave me rest.

Each work is unique because it expresses the joy of a moment that will never be repeated. I search with obstinacy the beautiful, I try to keep away from the easy, from the grotesque, in a century in which the ugly and the derisory are being considered art. Each of my works represents a manifestation of the emotions, and those emotions speak a language that everybody can understand.