Hand crafting techniques

"Genetically inclined to experiment, Mirela Grigore searches with obstinacy to intensify the plasticity of the different textile materials, using the traditional techniques of the tapestry, however, inquisitive spirit, she enriches them with new solutions, proving a remarkable decorative sense. From the start, one can remark the freshness of the ideas and their non-reiteration. The tapestries excel through the ideas materialized in the thematic or ornamental drawing and the meticulous and exceptional correctness of the work, but also through an intense, natural and, as a result, enchanting chromatic. Each work has its distinctive individuality, proving the powerful creative capacity of the artist."
Marin Mihalache, national art critic

"The techniques used - the sewing on the coarse muslin or canvas, the collage, the direct intervention of some materials such as wood, string, wire, glass - which are transforming the fine composition into decorative elements, affirm an overflowing fantasy and a living, uncensored, but also unostentatious curiosity. Cosmic elements - suns, spirals, rings, zoomorphic elements - fish, turtles, felines, birds, together with invented forms, hybrid ones, but benign as presence and expression, like those present in her childhood or humanity fairy tales, populate in an random way, but well tempered, o colorful and wonderful world. "
Dr. Doina Pauleanu, art critic, director of Constanta Art Museum