Here are some
things about MIRE

Mirela Mihaela Grigore is one of the most talented Romanian artists. Using a totally different style, invented and improved by her, she's a promoter in the tapestry field. Her works demonstrate power and artistic maturity, and have the mark of a free and extremely creative artistic spirit.

Tapestry wall hangings by MIRE

Mirela Mihaela Grigore or Mire, as her friends call her, started working and to remark herself even from childhood, at the age of 5 making her debut with the sewing of a mixed orange with red flower on a blue pillow. At the age of 16 starts the "Arid Femininity" tapestry, followed by many other works of graphic and collage from different materials. But tapestry remained her true vocation and the closest to the artist soul.

Mire's works are the result of the innovations and constant searching which have led her to a personal method of work, different from the classic ones.

Founding member of the Arts and Letters Association "ASALT", she actively involved in its activity, her rebel and inquisitive spirit harmonizing perfectly with that of the other members.